Cocoon Hotel – My $100 A Night Hotel In Munich

I’m trying to keep my hotel budget at $100 a night on average for this trip.  This means budget hotels throughout Europe. I’ve found some, like where I’m currently staying in Nuremberg for $75 and others in Rome for $150.   As long as it averages out near my goal, I’m happy.

I booked the Cocoon Hotel near the Hauptbahnhof  (main train station) because it was new, modern, and in a great location.  It seemed like a great deal at $100 per night. Th

e hotel has an alpine theme with a small gondola car and ski lift chairs in the lobby.  The hotel elevator is fashioned to look like a ski gondola and plays a loop of video on the three walls when the elevator goes up and down like it is actually moving up a mountain.

Cocoon Hotel Munich Lobby

Cocoon Hotel Hauptbahnhof Munich

The hotel had a full bar and outside patio area which is nice to have a drink and relax in the cool Bavarian night after a hard day of sightseeing.  It’s quite popular too, I’m guessing in part due to the size of the rooms.

I knew the room would be small, but when I opened the door I couldn’t believe exactly how small it really was.  There was barely enough room for me and my bags.  It did have a little desk/shelf thing that folded out from the wall, that I used to put some of my things – but the bar downstairs served as my makeshift office.

The good thing about a room like that is you don’t want to spend much time there so it gets you out seeing the sights.

On the plus side, I had a balcony that was almost the size of the room itself.

I’m not sure what camera lens the hotel used to make the room look bigger in their photos, but for me it took the widest lens I had just to get it all in.  I think it makes it look bigger than reality.

Munich Cocoon Hotel

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  1. Hi Mike. Good to hear from you. It was a nice little spot, and I didn’t spend too much time in the room so it worked out well.


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