Egyptian Museum In Munich

I awoke to rain.  Lots of rain.  I scrapped my plans to visit Dachau as it is mainly an outside site.  I put on my rain jacket and headed out to get a cup of coffee at the local cafe while I decided what to do.  Still groggy from a lack of sleep and jet lag I head left when I should have headed right, and soon found myself at the Oktoberfest grounds, which is underconstruction for the big festival next month.  I get my bearings and finally make my way to Coffee Fellows, a local German coffee chain.  It’s good to see Starbucks’s hasn’t completely taken over the world.

After consulting my guidebook over a cafe creme – the closest thing they have to American coffee – I decided to head out to the Egyptian Museum.  A ten minute train ride and I’m there.

The outside of the building is made to look like you are entering a tomb, but the buildings architecture is all modern concrete and glass.

Egyptian Museum Munich

The entry fee isn’t bad at about $9, and I opted to go without the audio guide as the guide book said it wasn’t necessary – they were right.

While I have no desire to visit Egypt, I do have a fascination with the ancient civilization and culture and enjoy looking around these museums whenever I get the chance.  The German’s have a fine collection and the museum is beautiful and well laid out.

The self guided tour is a one way path that takes you through the different centuries and covers many different collections focused on various aspects of Egyptian life – religion, writing, crafts, and many more.  It was an interesting way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Egyptian Museum MunichEgyptian Museum Munich Egyptian Museum Munich Egyptian Museum Munich

As I emerged from the museum I found the rain had subsided but the skies were still gray and overcast.  I used the time to look around at the other buildings in the area before heading back to the hotel and grab a bite to eat.

Nuremberger sausages, sauerkraut, and horseradish.

Nuremberg Sausages and Sauerkraut

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4 thoughts on “Egyptian Museum In Munich”

    • I’m loving the food – and the beer. Beer gardens are everywhere, I could spend all day in them. Cool beer under the shade of chestnut trees…

    • Thanks Miles. I already broke my Fuji within the first week, may have to get a replacement body. Still got my point and shoot though.


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