Happy New Year From Vietnam

Happy New Year. I’m writing this from my hotel room in a very soggy Hue, Vietnam. I think it has been raining non-stop for the last week. It puts a damper on sightseeing but gives me a chance to sit in front of the computer and process photos and write a little bit.

2018 was a pretty big year for me. It’s hard to believe I’ve been traveling for five months. During that time I’ve driven across the U.S., visited 6 countries in Europe, and another 4 countries in Asia.

I’ve visited over 20 cities, taken dozens of planes and trains, and countless taxi, tuk-tuk, songthaew, and moto-taxi since I left America. It has been a lot of travel.

After I’m finished here in Vietnam, I’ve decided to head back to Thailand and rent a condo for a couple of months which will be relaxing and also be a little easier on the wallet. It will also give me a chance to catch up on some personal projects I’m working on.

I’ve stuck to my budget pretty well so far except for having to replace a few big ticket items like my camera and phone. December and January saw my expenditures increase with 5 plane flights, hotel rooms, and visiting the very expensive Singapore.

The time has flown by and those months in Europe already seems like so long ago. The trip is nearing it’s end and I am looking forward to enjoying these last couple months.

I’ve got plenty of more posts and photos to catch up on. I tried to stick to a chronological order while I finish up the Europe posts. I think I may mix that up a little as the blog follows my travels into Asia.

Thanks for reading and following along on my travels around the world. I hope you all have a wonderful 2019!

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    • Thanks Miles and Happy New Year! I’m glad your still reading along even though my posting has slowed down quite a bit.


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