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Riverside Point At Night

I returned to Singapore’s Riverside Point most evenings. The restaurants and bars span across both sides of the river. While one side of the river

Singapore River Walk

I’m up early.  Or so I think.  I head downstairs to grab some breakfast and I find they are already cleaning up the place.  I

Hello Singapore

A couple of days before I was due to leave for Singapore I dropped my phone while walking out of a restaurant.  I remember thinking

Staying In Bangkok For A Month

After getting back from Laos I decided I wanted to rent an apartment and just relax. For the past 2+ months I’d been moving to

Sightseeing In Vientiane

I left one full day for sightseeing around Vientiane.  With a couple of half days between trips to the embassy it was more than enough

Getting A Thai Visa in Vientiane

In the morning I decide to walk over to the Thai Embassy.  Big mistake.  It was way farther away than I thought and the heat

Travel To Vientiane Laos

My time in Chiang Mai went by fast and soon I was on a plane heading to Bangkok once again.  I was on my way

Temple Chasing In Chiang Mai

There are some great places to eat in Chiang Mai.  Chiang Mai Breakfast World was my favorite place to get breakfast.  It has a nice

Chiang Mai

It is a quick flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, about 1 hour 20 minutes non-stop.  Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand,

On To Thailand

I’ve realized I pretty much suck at travel blogging.  I’ve got the travel part pretty well squared away, but the blogging – not so much. 

Happy New Year From Vietnam

Happy New Year. I’m writing this from my hotel room in a very soggy Hue, Vietnam. I think it has been raining non-stop for the