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Florence Museums

Another late start. The snearkers didn’t hit concrete till 11 am.  I hoped my luck would be better today when it came to crowds, but I knew I was kidding

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Exploring Florence

The day started early.  A two hour train ride to Munich where I sat around the airport for another 2+ hours waiting for my flight to Florence, which took an

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Salzburg In The Rain

As my train neared Salzburg I could see the sky begin to darken and a few lone drops of rain began to streak off my window.  By the time I

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Exploring Vienna

The train ride from Prague to Vienna was a four hour uneventful journey.  The landscape is beautiful and the time flew by quickly as I nodded off while gazing out

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Finding Communism In Prague

Prague has been an interesting experience.  After two amazing weeks in Germany, I really had found my groove there.  Once I hit Prague, I had to switch gears.  It usually

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