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The Gothic Quarter And Gaudi Museum

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first full day of sightseeing in Barcelona.  It was the National Day of Catalonia, a day that

Barcelona First Impressions

I was happy to be leaving Italy.  As you might have guessed from my previous posts, it was not my favorite country.  Don’t get me

Rome: The Colosseum And Forum

It’s only a couple stops to the Colosseum metro station from my hotel. As you step out of the station the Colosseum is right there

Rome City Walk

There has to be something wrong with the weather app on my phone.  It tells me it is 83 degrees, but it feels blistering hot. 

Rome: I Went To Meet The Pope

The Frecciarossa 1000 got me from Florence to Rome in an hour and half.  The Red Arrow is one of Italy’s newest high speed trains

Florence Museums

Another late start. The snearkers didn’t hit concrete till 11 am.  I hoped my luck would be better today when it came to crowds, but

Exploring Florence

The day started early.  A two hour train ride to Munich where I sat around the airport for another 2+ hours waiting for my flight

Salzburg Castle And Salzburg Museum

The weather wasn’t looking any better for my second day in Salzburg.  It might have even been a little worse.  Rain or shine I was

Salzburg In The Rain

As my train neared Salzburg I could see the sky begin to darken and a few lone drops of rain began to streak off my

Exploring Vienna

The train ride from Prague to Vienna was a four hour uneventful journey.  The landscape is beautiful and the time flew by quickly as I

Finding Communism In Prague

Prague has been an interesting experience.  After two amazing weeks in Germany, I really had found my groove there.  Once I hit Prague, I had

Prague: The Highlights

The train ride to Prague took about four hours from Berlin.  It goes by quickly as I stare out the window at the passing German