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Check Point Charlie

Final Days In Berlin

Berlin has been amazing.  There is so much to see and do you could probably fill up a couple weeks.  After feeling rundown the first few days I arrived, I

The German Historical Museum

I really like where my hotel is located in Berlin.  The area wasn’t recommended by any of my guidebooks, but for me it was a great spot.  It is centrally

The Berlin Wall Memorial

The weather here in Berlin has been superb.  Other than a scorcher on the day I decided to walk across Berlin, the temps have been in the low to mid

Ampelmann Signs In Berlin

This is a quick one.  One of my favorite things about Berlin is their Ampelmann crosswalk signs.  This is a remnant from the old East Germany that the people in

Welcome To Berlin

Berlin was a blur.  I spent almost a week there, enjoying the sights, eating great food, and catching up on a few issues that cropped up – both at home

Nuremberg Castle And City Walk

Well I’m almost ready to move on from Berlin but my blog posts are still in Nuremberg.  I’m catching up, but I reckon they are always going to be a

Dachau Concentration Camp Parade Grounds

Dachau Concentration Camp

From the bus window, Dachau seems like a quaint little German town.  It has that small town feel.  Shady, tree lined streets. A lazy river running through center of town.

Egyptian Museum Munich

Egyptian Museum In Munich

I awoke to rain.  Lots of rain.  I scrapped my plans to visit Dachau as it is mainly an outside site.  I put on my rain jacket and headed out

Munich City Walk

My first full day of exploring Munich was a city walk recommended by my Rick Steves guide book.  Say what you will about his nerdy persona, the guy knows Europe

St. Peters Church Munich

On The Ground In Munich

Let’s get this blog started.  I wanted to have a few posts up before unleashing this beast to the world, but I’ve been on the ground in Munich for three