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Prague: The Highlights

The train ride to Prague took about four hours from Berlin.  It goes by quickly as I stare out the window at the passing German countryside and small towns along

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Check Point Charlie

Final Days In Berlin

Berlin has been amazing.  There is so much to see and do you could probably fill up a couple weeks.  After feeling rundown the first few days I arrived, I

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The German Historical Museum

I really like where my hotel is located in Berlin.  The area wasn’t recommended by any of my guidebooks, but for me it was a great spot.  It is centrally

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The Berlin Wall Memorial

The weather here in Berlin has been superb.  Other than a scorcher on the day I decided to walk across Berlin, the temps have been in the low to mid

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Ampelmann Signs In Berlin

This is a quick one.  One of my favorite things about Berlin is their Ampelmann crosswalk signs.  This is a remnant from the old East Germany that the people in

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Welcome To Berlin

Berlin was a blur.  I spent almost a week there, enjoying the sights, eating great food, and catching up on a few issues that cropped up – both at home

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