Riverside Point At Night

I returned to Singapore’s Riverside Point most evenings. The restaurants and bars span across both sides of the river. While one side of the river is subdued and more like a strip mall, the other side lights up when the sun goes down.

When they turn on the lights it is very beautiful. The colors change every couple of minutes, making it a mini-light show. Many people take a river boat cruise and enjoy the beauty along the river.

The main pathway has tall structures that looked like giant neon trees to me.

Doubling back and crossing the river, I follow the path on the way to Boat Quay. The Christmas atmosphere in Singapore feels more like back home. Lots of big decorations on display, and no teddy bears to be found.

There is a somewhat famous tunnel that is known for it’s selection of murals. I read that it is supposed to be a collection of famous events in Singapore’s history.

Some of them were easy to understand what they were depicting. Others, like this one, had me completely baffled.

I turn around before I reach Boat Quay and head back to get some dinner. It is a nice area to take an evening stroll and enjoy the warm weather and beautiful atmosphere.

I’ve got one more big day of sightseeing in Singapore. I want to check out a couple of museums and then make my way to the Marina Bay Sands for a view of the light show. It’s going to be a lot of walking and carry on into the evening, so I head back early to get some sleep.

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