Sightseeing In Vientiane

I left one full day for sightseeing around Vientiane.  With a couple of half days between trips to the embassy it was more than enough time.  There is not a lot to see and do in Vientiane.  I was pretty much all temple’d out after my time in Thailand so there was even less for me to do.

I spent the day walking through town on my way to the Patuxai monument.  There are a few temples along the way, but I opt to give them a pass.

This is a “Jumbo”. The Lao version of a Tuk-Tuk.

The Presidential Palace is at the end of the boulevard that leads to the monument.  You can’t go in to have a look, but you can take a photo while dodging traffic in the middle of the street.

Patuxai – Victory Gate

I finally make it to the Patuxai, which means Victory Gate.  It is meant to honor those who fought for independence from France.  I’m sure it wasn’t accidental that it bears a resemblance to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

It is nicknamed the “Vertical Runway” because the Laotian government took the funds America had given to the country to build a new airport runway and built this monument instead.

For a small fee you can take the stairs to the top for great views.  You can see the French influence in the large tree lined boulevard leading to the Presidential Palace.

I made the long walk back to the hotel, ready to call it a day.

My Thai visa now in hand, it was time to return to Bangkok to find an apartment and start my life as a temporary expat.

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