Singapore River Walk

I’m up early.  Or so I think.  I head downstairs to grab some breakfast and I find they are already cleaning up the place.  I check my watch and there should be an hour left to get some food.  I check my phone and it finally dawns on me that Singapore is an hour ahead and I forgot to set my watch back.  Not up so early after all.

Annoyed with myself for missing breakfast, I start walking into town, my stomach grumbling in disagreement with my decision.  From my hotel to downtown is a one-mile walk.  Along the way, I find a café overlooking the river to appease my tummy with some food and some caffeine for the rest of me.

The river is not only home to more restaurants and bars than one could ever need, but it is also the heart of the business district.  Skyscrapers rule and the sidewalks are buzzing with people. 

It is also the center of all the major tourist sights, except for the famous Singapore Zoo which is a little drive outside the city.  I cross one of the historic bridges to begin looking around the old town. The bridge still has its sign-up forbidding cattle and horses from crossing.

I walk along the river looking for the statue and landing point of Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore.  I’m unable to locate it, even when Google tells me I’m standing right on top of it.  Yet, there are several groups of statues depicting scenes from life during the British Colonial days.

I like the buildings and architecture from the colonial era and Singapore has many well-preserved examples. Like the Victoria Theater.

And the Asian Civilization Museum.

Which also has some giant shiny balls.

I continue following the path all the way to two of the most famous icons of Singapore.  The Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

I spend some time checking out the sights and exploring the area before heading back.

Singapore is a very pedestrian friendly city.  There are several Quays along the river that are home to dining and nightlife.  The two most well-known are Boat Quay, where I stopped for lunch, and Clarke Quay, where Riverside Point and my hotel are located.  A river walk connects them all and leads all the way to the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands.  I followed this route on the way home and it is a very pleasant stroll.

If you are into cats, they have Singapore’s first cat café in Boat Quay.

I stop off at another restaurant in Riverside Point for an evening beer.  The weather has been fantastic and I’m enjoying grabbing a drink and evening meal while sitting outside overlooking the river.

By the time I return home the sun has dipped below the horizon, casting some colorful tones on the Chinese temple across from my hotel.

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