My Route Around The World

The plan for my around the world trip is I’ll be spending roughly two months in Europe and six months in Asia, or till the budget runs out – which is more likely to be sooner rather than later.  The Europe leg of the journey is more structured with hotel reservations and connecting flights already booked. It is peak season for travel and I wanted to make sure I was staying in centrally located and reasonably priced accommodations.  Judging by a a recent web search, that was a wise decision and I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars.

Other than Munich and Prague, the hotel reservations are all cancelable so I can adjust my plans as I see fit. I also have a few flights booked to get between countries where train travel didn’t make sense. As long as I make it to those cities on time, I am free to change my schedule as I please.

There are plenty of iconic and illustrious countries and cities I’m not going to visit on this adventure.    There are only so many nations you can visit in a fixed amount of time, and I’m visiting the ones that are on the top of my list.  I’m assuming I’ll be back to tick the other boxes in the future – but if not, these are the countries I most wanted to explore.

After Europe, I’ve booked a flight to Hong Kong, then onto Bangkok.  Further Asia planning will begin once I’m on the ground.


Map of my travels around Europe


  • Munich
  • Nuremberg
  • Berlin
  • Dresden  – Skipped in order to take care of a few personal matters while in Berlin.

Czech Republic






Map of my travels around Asia



Other Asia

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